Friday, December 15, 2006

Pummelo (Citrus maxima)

As I head out to work this morning, I was reminded of the time of year - not by a chill in the air, but by the sweet perfume of the Pummelo tree, whose blossoms resemble (in both smell and appearance) any other citrus'. The thing which makes these different is the size - I believe the pummelo is the largest citrus fruit.

This one is 6" in diameter, and the inside is pink, like a grapefruit. Unlike a grapefruit, the inside of this variety of pummelo is quite dry, if you can imagine that As it ripens , I'll open one up and take some more photos and add it to the blog.

Strangely, this tree blossomed twice - once a few months ago, and again now - the normal November / December blossoms. Note the small fruits alongside the larger ones from last year.

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