Sunday, January 28, 2007

Barbados Cherry

Look back at this blog 18 days ago and see what those beautiful flowers in the last photo produced: Barbados cherries.

Barbados Cherries are very rich in vitamin C (2000 to 4600 milligram per 100 milligram of edible fruit).

I have seen several botanical names for this fruit, but M. Punicifolia L. (M. glabra Millsp. NOT Linn.) has been generally approved as the correct botanical name for the Barbados cherry (see )

The tree is bush-like. The Fruit are about 1 ich and bright red. The skin, is a bit glossy. The pulp is orange in color, juicy, but a bit on the acidic side.

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BarbadosInFocus / PictureInFocus said...

Bajan cherries are delicious. My aunt makes a wicked cherry drink. We had a huge cherry tree when we use to live in Harts Gap. Memories…