Sunday, April 29, 2007

Summary - last week of April

The cashew flowers have been blooming for about two weeks now. In this photo, you can make out several of the cashews and what will be the "apple", just above the familiar "C" shaped nut.

Avocado flowers are also out. Like with the cashews, some of the early flowers have been pollinated and are developing into fruit.

OK, so I forgot to rotate them (actually, I hoped that blogger would read the rotation in the exif data). Here, you can see (if you turn your head) my huge longan tree in blossom. It just started this week.

One more head turned is this one which shows the surinam cherries.

First signs of canistel flowers.

Key lime fruits forming - you can still see the stamin of the flowers, and other flowers that just opened in the background. This tree is on its third or fourth flowering since January.

A fruit I need to post an entry on is Spondias purpurea, a.k.a. Red mombin (jocote, in Costa Rica). It is flowering now, and since this was a mild winter in florida, there are also fruit developing from a few months back alongside new ones.

Imbe, Garcinia livingstonei, is beginning to fruit. It also is blossoming. More about this East African tree later...

The annona squamosa, sugar apple, flowers are blooming, Here you can see both male and female stages of the flower. I'll leave it up to you to guess which is which.

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Valentino's Rare Tropicals said...

Nice looking flower. I have been growing Rare tropical fruits quite a long time. Sugar apple is one of the
one's that i grow. Anyway ausome looking flower.