Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sawsall meets the coconuts

I was tired of husking these with the machete, so I pulled out the old saws-all!

Harvested some nice tasting coconuts this week. I've included a photo of a glass of the coconut water, to show its consistency. The outsides of the coconuts are light green, with portions/stripes grey as they age.
Inside, however, is some quality Coconut!

Prickly Pear are here, also

In addition to the Dragonfruit, the Prickly Pears are ripening. Unfortunately, many of them split, and ants invaded. I attribute the splitting to the erratic periods of drought, then excessive rain, then lack of rain for weeks!
The split here, however, is caused by my knife, in the careful ritual I have to open the fruit.

Dragon fruit are here!

The dragonfruit have finally made fruit! Here are a series of photos taken as I opened my first one up this last week in August, 2007